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What We Do

Executive Search


When we perform a search, our firm provides:


Organizational analysis – We interview your organization’s key staff to develop a comprehensive understanding of your mission, goals, operations, marketplace and culture.

Position specifications – What are the responsibilities, objectives and qualifications for successful candidate?  We develop detailed position specifications and criteria for each opening.


Vigorous research – Your detailed specific position criteria are matched against our extensive network of HR applicants to find a suitable base of candidates.  With our talents and experience, we have the ability to identify and attract potentially successful applicants who might not be actively seeking new employment. 


Candidate selection – Through extensive interviewing our skilled, dynamic professionals narrow the candidate pool.  We then identify and secure strong potential candidates while maintaining close contact with the client at all times.    

Candidate presentation - Presentation of the most qualified candidates is preceded by written and oral reports assessing each candidate’s background and experience.   


Contract negotiation – We assist clients in navigating the crosscurrents of offer and counteroffer.  Executive HR Search understands the vital important of designing innovative, highly competitive compensation packages, structuring positions and determining market pricing.


Transition – During the candidate selection and hiring process, our counseling and support smooth out the transition process.  A smooth transition helps the client and candidate alike.


Interim Human Resources Management


In today’s ever changing economic landscape, organizations need to adapt quickly and efficiently with creative solutions. This is particularly true when an organization must fill a vacant Human Resources Management position. The recruitment of a permanent placement takes time, which can threaten your organization’s stability and profitability. To address this our firm has assembled a network of highly qualified human resources professionals for short term and long term interim positions to provide stability, objectivity and leadership.

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